Seven Questions in Seven Categories, in Honour of the Seventh Anniversary of Jixemitri!

Hello, honourary Bob-Whites, and welcome to a very special quiz put together just for you by seven of our favourite people! That's right--each of the Bob-Whites worked hard to come up with a question to test your knowledge. So, sit back, pull out your sharpened #2 pencil, and prepare to wow the Bob-Whites with your knowledge of all things Trixie-related!
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 It's all about people!

 One of my favorite things about all our adventures is meeting new people. I've chosen seven different people that appeared in seven different books. Can you match each person with the right book?
 a - The Red Trailer Mysteryb - The Mystery of the Emeralds
 c - The Sasquatch Mysteryd - The Mystery of the Headless Horseman
 e - The Hudson River Mysteryf - The Mystery of the Vanishing Victim
 g - The Pet Show Mystery 
Norma Nelson
Mrs. Manning
Herb Galloway
Polly Ward
Pat Bunker
Mr. Ditmar
Lizzie James


 It's all about charity!

 The Bob-Whites worked hard to earn a lot of money for worthy causes, and there was also lots of reward money, too. Do you remember what some of the money was used for?
 a - Unicefb - library books
 c - Susied - a new boat
 e - wood flooringf - station wagon for crippled children
 g - art supplies 
ice carnival
capture of sheep thieves
charity bazaar
diamond found in the gatehouse
diamond found in an idol
bikeathon through the preserve
speed skating race


 It's all about school!

 I'm always on the lookout for good teachers for my school. Can you match these teachers we've encountered at Sleepyside Junior-Senior High to their subjects?
 a - botany                                                                       b - chemistry
 c - dramad - journalism
 e - mathf - science
 g - social studies 
Mrs. Cowles
Miss Darcy
Mr. Morrison
Mr. Zimmerman
Mr. McLane
Mr. Sanborn
Miss Bennett


 It's all about doctoring!

 I've had lots of opportunities to practice my first aid and charming bedside manner. Can you match each injury to the injured person?
 a - broken hip                                                       b - broken leg
 c - gashed legd - gashed arm
 e - gashed headf - concussion
 g - abrasions and splinters 
Mr. Elmer Thomas
Mr. Ed Carver
Tom Delanoy
Mrs. Franklin
Mr. Maypenny


 It's all about vocabulary!

 My esteemed confrere, Bob Hubbell, and I have furnished seven vocabulary words. See if you can correspond each lexeme with its annotation.
 a - zestfully enthusiastic                                           b - affirmed positively
 c - azure; sky-blued - passing away quickly
 e - conscious knowledge or recognitionf - greedy; grasping
 g - lacking the power or faculty of speech 


 It's all about art!

 I really adore all the book art. I've chosen seven different covers from seven different editions. Can you match each cover with the right book?
 a - Glen Road (Cello)                                               b - Arizona (Deluxe)
 c - Mysterious Code (Oval)d - Black Jacket (Retro)
 e - Happy Valley (square)f - Marshland (Short & Ugly)
 g - Bob-White Cave (Cameo) 


 It's all about grunting!

 I've been accused of grunting too much, but I can speak whole sentences. So can my friends. Can you match each quote to each Bob-White?
 a - "Sometimes being told off hurts a lot less than not being told at all." b - "I'm trying very hard to be organized, but how can I keep track of things if I constantly drop them?"
 c - "I don't know what you're talking about, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to!"d - "I've always wanted to see how the other half lives."
 e - "Some people think that I put my feet in my mouth. The truth is that I only put my feet under the dining room table."f - "I have to remember not remembering, and I can't remember if there's nothing to remember or if I just don't remember what there is to remember."
 g - "Nice things always happen wherever Bob-Whites are." 
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